When Are We Doing Lunch in NYC? 5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Short Trip

On my first day in New York, thankfully there was no sign of jet-lag. I was up before 6am ready to be out and about in the city like a local (that lives up state!). The thing is, NYC is so similar to London that an urban girl can fit right in. However with just 5 days to get my interviews done, check out alternative scenes, and of course – make those contacts; staying organised is the only way to keep things running like the yellow taxi cabs of NYC!

  • So first things first – Plan.

LDL NYC day 1I’ve made a list of the people I’d like to meet and interview for this blog and other projects. They range from bloggers, an NGO founder, fashion designers, a glamour model and contacts of contacts I just gotta be in contact with! If fashion, music, or theatre is your thing – the same applies. Make your list and plan ahead.

  • Reconnect with existing contacts

LDL NYC day 1Hanging out with my filmmaker Fred Kuwornu on my first day in NYC was pretty cool. I’d attended his seminar about Multiculturalism in Italy, and we’ve since kept in touch. Connecting with a face to face meeting, be it a coffee or lunch, is a good way to re-establish a relationship. Otherwise dropping an email is cool too at the least. Might be awkward if they found out you were in their neck of the jungle and didn’t reach out!

  • Take the opportunity – talk to a stranger

Ok, this part might sound weird, and let’s be honest, it’s New York so your chances of running into a weirdo are kinda high. But I just love the fact that New Yorkers speak to each other. Like on the train the other day, I spotted at least 3 different conversations happening simultaneously with strangers that had just sat next to each other. And it doesn’t have to be a complete stranger. Who knows what potential contacts talking to the bar-tender could get you.

Take in the moment

NYC Day 1The New York visit will go like a flash… So, just for a moment stop tweeting, sharing #foodporn pics on instagram, updating your Facebook status…. Put down your smart phone (at least just for 10 mins – it’s not that impossible surely), and just people watch next time you’re in that coffee shop on Union Square using the free wi-fi.

Eat, Drink and be Merry…

Red Rooster HarlemIt’s not a trip to NYC without experiencing a varied culinary experience; eat at restaurants with a personal story to them, enjoy the night life (drink responsibly of course) and be happy – you’re in NEW YORK!

Now that I’ve taken my own advice and I’m all organised, when are we doing lunch again?

-Kai 🙂



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