When Are We Doing Lunch in NYC? 5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Short Trip

On my first day in New York, thankfully there was no sign of jet-lag. I was up before 6am ready to be out and about in the city like a local (that lives up state!). The thing is, NYC is so similar to London that an urban girl can fit right in. However with just 5 days to get my interviews done, check out alternative scenes, and of course – make those contacts; staying organised is the only way to keep things running like the yellow taxi cabs of NYC! Continue reading

Let’s do Lunch – The Urban Guide goes to NYC 19th – 25th Aug!

An urban girl takes every opportunity she can to get ahead, and makes the most of it while she’s at it. So I’ll be making the most of my travels this summer when I pass through New York on the 19th August – 25th August en route to Haiti for #Art4Change project. Continue reading