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Our aim: Remove barriers – Create meaningful connections

Let’s do Lunch Network organise company networking breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner events, with a difference – there’s less corporate and more human factor! If you’ve stumbled onto Let’s do Lunch Network seeking ideas for your next corporate lunch event, you’re most likely looking for something different; authentic, nurishing and impactful – and that’s not just the food!

We’re all about creating spaces for meaningful connections to happen, which means, first and foremost, breaking down the social and cultural barriers that often prevent us from connecting with one another. Easier said than done, you say. Well perhaps it isn’t just by luck that you stumble across Let’s do Lunch Network – this is what we do!

Less formal, more interactive?

Food is a great catalyst for building relationships and sharing ideas in a way that promotes productivity and wellbeing in the workplace and beyond. Our approach is to provide a platform for open and honest dialogue to take place whilst still addressing diversity agendas aligned to your company’s targets.

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As part of our #SupportHerHustle campaign, we support female entrepreneurs in the catering industry to supply the food for the Let’s do Lunch Network corporate events. We also have a network restaurants across the UK that we partner with for external dining events. As with people, we champion cultural diversity through the selection of cuisine we offer ranging from the best of British to the tantalising taste of Ethiopia!

Food unites us…

There’s no doubt that food unites us, so what better way to encourage discussion and networking after a talk or seminar? We’re available to organise a bespoke package of  workshop, talks, book signings and networking events in the form of lunch, brunch, dinner events which will bring even the unlikeliest of people together…

Talks and Seminars


Trainings and Workshops


Sponsor a networking lunch to engage with young people

Reach out to us and we’ll organise an event that’s memorable and impactful. Just let us know what you have in mind, the number of people and the budge available. We look forward to planning your next Corporate dining experience!

Please use the contact form below and we’ll respond shortly.

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Kai and the Let’s do Lunch Network team

So, when are we doing lunch?… or coffee?


About Kai: I’m a Soho-based writer (lifestyle, cultural diversity and travel blogger), workshop facilitator and event organiser on a mission to create meaningful connections… Food is usually the main catalyst! Currently taking commissions and sponsored posts CLICK HERE to CONTACT ME

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