Signs of The Big Apple: NYC Countdown Begins!

Well, it’s not exactly a countdown if it starts and ends at 1… That’s right, I have just 1 day before I’ll be on a flight to NYC tomorrow! Given my short stay, I’ve had to plan ahead to pack in as much as possible (as with my suitcase) to make the most of this trip and create opportunities for my projects.

It seems as though fate getting me ready for the big city as I keep spotting signs of NYC on my daily errands… Even my sister visiting me for lunch paid homage to the concrete jungle wearing an “Empire State” t-shirt!

I’ve placed an open call for a photography exhibition “New York City Streets: A Portrait“. If you’re a creative from NYC with an interesting story to tell about your creativity – get in touch! Shoot takes place 20th – 24th August.

I’ve also taken the opportunity to reach out to industry professionals in the creative industry including SoHo Strut blog founder Danielle, Author of “City ChicNina Willdorf and my Italian/Ghanaian filmmaker friend Fred Kuwornu working on his much-anticipated Blaxploitalian!

And of course I’ll be raising awareness about my #Art4Change project in Haiti which starts straight after NYC, taking pictures for “New York City Streets: A Portrait” and still updating you on my findings about making contacts, places for lunch and more. If that doesn’t keep me on my toes around the Big Apple, I don’t know what will!

See you tomorrow in NYC and –



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