About Kai


Let’s start with an ice-breaker game: two truths and a lie (Aunt Marian would advice; “speak the truth and shame the devil!”)

  1. Kai is a yoga expert (ha!)
  2. It took Kai 5 years to graduate (failing 2.5 times!)
  3. Shopping is Kai’s least fav hobby (however, she loves fashion!)

How’d you do? Were you able to guess the white lie? Leave your response in the comment box below!

Kai - an ultimate urban girl

She does #selfies

Hi, I’m Kai, a is a young creative lucky enough to be living in Soho – the heart of possibly the most diverse city in the world, London! A ‘Jacquline of all trades, and master of quite a few‘, my life consists of being a freelance writer, fashionista, ultimate wrap Queen (WrapStar Accessories), and founder Diversity Matters and the networking platform “Let’s do Lunch Network

Ditching dreams of the catwalk and performing arts for a notepad and pen 5 years ago, my passion for travel has taken her around the world and helped me build an extensive portfolio of work from consultancy to photography and videography. I continue to produce for  blogs, organise networking events and I’m currently working on expanding “Let’s do Lunch” into a book and web series “An Urban Girl’s Guide” for busy urban girls wanting to get ahead – fast!

I’d say I’m a simple (no, scratch that!), simply complicated urban gal just trying to reach her max potential in the creative industry… And I learnt a long time ago that I can’t achieve that without a little help from ‘friends’. So you’ll often find me socialising with a drink notepad and pen in hand, wearing an approachable smile, open to speak to new potential contacts!

Activist, panellist, motivational speaker


Kai Lutterodt addressing Diversity in the Creative industry at the 2018 Remix Summit Photo cred: Remix Summit London

As well as organising and facilitating workshops and events, I speak extensively on panel discussions addressing various topics from diversity and inclusion, self-empowerment, mental health and travel. I’m super excited to be included in 2018’s ‘50 of the best female speakers‘ curated by Pip  Pip Jamieson founder of The Dots (I didn’t think anyone was watching lill ol’ me!)

Connect with me!

FB: Facebook.com/LetsdolunchNetwork
Twitter: @makingkai
Instagram: @travelmakerkai

So, when are we doing lunch?

Kai aka The Soho Girl x



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