Visitors Book

I don’t believe in luck much, but I do have high regard for fate…

You could have been anywhere in the blogosphere but you chose to pass through “Let’s do Lunch: An Urban Girl’s Urban Guide to Making Contacts – and Keeping Them” – that has to be the doings of fate, right?

So don’t disappear and become just a mystery number on my stats page without leaving a thought, suggestion, comment, or testimonial in the comment box below… And if fate (whom I’m convinced is an urban girl at heart!) permits –


9 thoughts on “Visitors Book

  1. Indiana says:

    Such a brilliant concept, something I will definitely be getting involved in! I’m just about to start a creative degree so I’m really glad I found this as it will be so useful to learn some tips and meet people who I might one day collaborate with.

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  2. SIBA SHARA SAPS says:

    Kai Li, You know already how pleasantly Refreshing I found this page. Impressed with the Write-style, the layout and general communicative import of this site and mission. You keep going girl. As I always say, “Your Identity Is All You Truly Have” Let Yours Beam Bright! Lovely Phase. This is duly SHARA-ENDORSED!!!


    • @makingkai says:

      SHARA-ENDORSED?… Wooow – can I retire now I have the stamp of approval?! Thank you for your kind words, especially as i can you you’ve been there from the very start! Looking forward to featuring you on the blog soon… You inspire me with your “know-how” on making the best contacts in Ghana and abroad! Share your secret in an exclusive interview over lunch at La Villa Boutique Hotel 😉


  3. Female CREATIVES says:

    Hi Kai I really like the blog concept! And your design layout is fab. I can’t wait to attend your events and keep the posts coming.

    Whit 🙂


  4. Adeline (Korkoi) says:

    Impressive Kai! Keep up the good work. I read blogs but yours is one of a kind. Well done. Keep patrolling with your notepads and pens. It sure will pay. I’m waiting to read about the Turkey trip:-)


  5. Natasha H says:

    Nice blog! I really like the concept. I’m new in London and it’s so hard to meet people let alone women (maybe I’m going to the wrong places 😭) Anyway, you have a fan! Keep up the great work Kai – I’ll be at your next social or workshop!! You’re amazing ✌🏻


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