Let’s get dig-italy physical: Nicolò Dionisio talks Phygital in Soho

At first glance, there isn’t any obvious give-away as to what the founder of Phygital and cycling fanatic from Torino does for a living.  Über cool yet grounded, I caught up with  Nicolò Dionisio at Rex and Marino in Soho during his trip to London where the Italian design expert shared his Recipe for Success on being his own boss, making contacts, and never giving up when the race gets steep.

nicolo dionisio

Why did you choose to set up your own business?
The concept of my business “Phygital” derives from important trainings merged with work experiences in different environments with a common “fil rouge”: curiosity and passion. I decided to create my own business because I believe the best investment that you can make in your life is to invest in yourself . Investing in learning new things and adding new knowledges is crucial to constantly enhance ourselves and be protagonists in any particular professional field .
Getting up in the morning with the feeling of doing more of what you want, generate new ideas and motivation to overcome difficulties; this is what I experience every day thanks to my career choices and life.

How important is networking/making contacts in your field?
Creating contacts is crucial for anyone .
There are many advantages of making contact with other professionals; for example, to give added value to them and to your business , to keep you updated and enrich your knowledge.
Not to mention; exchange work, grow, promote, implement projects, co-branding or co-working, are just a few examples achievable thanks to networking .
In my case, social media marketing is a great way to meet new people , exchange ideas and opinions. It enables you to each further than to the experiences of everyday life.

Tell us about your personal blog Streetly Personal. How does keeping fit help with your work life?
The name is born from two words: strictly and personal. Streetly Personal is my “strictly private diary”, it’s my story about the love and passion of two wheels, in particular to the bicycle .
The idea is to tell the experience I live every day thanks to cycling, create a community of enthusiasts to exchange ideas, tips, stories and I hope for the future, organise charity projects.
Cycling has always been a school of life where I learned a lot , where I recognise ideals and values ​​that have allowed me to be what I am today as a person and not just as a professional .
The diary allows me to express all this , to know new people and to live the future with a positive attitude and open my world to new possibilities .

Rex and Mariano
2 St Anne’s Court
London, W1F 0AZ
+44 20 7437 0566

Works by Nicolo:

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 14.08.03

Streetly Personal


Lampade LED

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 14.01.16

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