Let’s do Lunch Travel | Table for Two at Šatlava, Hradec Králové (CZ)

If you’re looking for a sophisticated place to dine during your visit to Hradec Králové, I recommend visiting the Šatlava which means medieval prison in Czech as it’s stands within a former prison complex…  

Tucked away on the edge of the Old Town, Šatlava offers an affordable fine dining experience of Czech cuisine with a contemporary twist. Ivo and I sat at a table for two in the conservatory extension of the restaurant featuring a fire-wood centrepiece, and a view overlooking the Žižka Gardens; formerly the city walls (best visible during day light hours).

From the menu (also available in English), I opted for a light vegetarian main of polenta dumplings with butter and parsley, mushroom, zucchini (courgettes), spinach and white wine topped with parmesan. Simply delicious! If anything I could have done with a tad more sauce, but I honestly enjoyed every bite.

Ivo on the other hand was less excited about his main of grilled duck breast with pumpkin puree, plum sauce and roasted seeds. His feedback; the dish was over complicated (too sweet)!

Speaking of sweet, we followed through with dessert which didn’t fail to impress even if mine didn’t look as a cheese cake usually does, but more like a ball of dough (but hey, I’m first to dip my finger in bowl of cookie dough for a cheeky lick so I it didn’t bother me!) We were so caught up with our desserts I forgot to take a picture prior to us tucking in (which can only be a good sign, compliments to the chef!)

2018-04-03 08:13:10 +0000

Another satisfactory culinary experience to remember in Hradec Králové! Read my full review from a weekend czeching out Hradec Králové CLICK HERE!

📍ŠatlavaDlouhá 101/13Hradec Králové, Czech Republic 

Kai 🙂

So, when are we doing lunch?… or coffee?


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