Let’s support a good cause! #Art4ChangeHaiti at The Africa Live Festival

Yesterday’s The Africa Live Festival event in Burgess Park highlighted what I love most about London – its diversity! I headed south of the Thames river to be part of an event celebrating culture, arts & crafts, fashion and live music! It was of course, a great vibe to make potential contacts!

Whilst I’ve been busy setting up Let’s do Lunch and The Urban Guide events, I’ve also been working simultaneously on another of my passions – #Art4ChangeHaiti! I’ll be going to Haiti (via NYC for a few days) to volunteer in Port-au-Prince, teaching art to children living in camps. I was there two years ago working with a charity that feeds 2000 homeless children, however this time I’m going back and leave behind some skills.

I recruited my friends Ale and Nicolò visiting from Italy to join me in the South London park to help with promoting my fundraiser, despite their various excuses about being shy (what’s an urban girl to do with shy friends?) However it was nothing a bottle of Hillery & Son couldn’t sort out when we ran into a friend who supplies the Jamaican rum punch! Fully perked up , we handed out flyers about #Art4ChangeHaiti happening this summer and it wasn’t long before I was in full-blown conversations with complete strangers, and a few long-lost contacts too I met along the way… Sabrina – a friend from Primary school I haven’t seen in almost 20 years, Lekia Lée – founder of Project Embrace who has been a panelist on events I’ve organised with UAL ACS, Dan Nicholls musician part of Brass Mask is a fan of Haitian music, and StatusLND boy band who performed live on The Movement Factory stage met me backstage for a pic!

Who said networking has to be in a formal environment? Here are my pictures from The Africa Live Festival on the 15th Aug.

#Art4ChangeHaiti is a crowd-funding project initially stared with a group of UAL ACS members. Unfortunately due to other commitments they’ve all had to pull out. However like my lunches, when I start something – I like to finish it! So I decided to continue with the fundraiser to fund the art workshops in Haiti this summer. The designs made my the children will be printed on merchandise which will be sold online and all proceeds will go towards their school fees. Please support the fundraiser by donating at www.gofundme.com/art4changehaiti and follow my journey at www.art4changetheworld.org



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