Introducing #LetsDoLunchUrbanGuide to friends…

Sometimes your friends are your best contacts!

Last weekend marked a special moment for me when I invited friends around to mine for drinks to tell them my various projects My Soho Times, #Art4ChangeHaiti, TravelMakerKai and of course, Let’s do Lunch: an urban girl’s guide to making contacts – and keeping them!

Funny how I was busy taking pictures and videos to capture the moment, it hadn’t occurred to me to have my grand projects reveal filmed to capture that moment. Lucky my friend Anto was at hand with his camera phone which made a lovely surprise when he later whatsapped me the footage.

“But why is she holding a selfie-stick?” you might be wondering…

Friends at Kai's

Capturing the moment with friends… thanks to the selfie-stick!

My journey towards finding the answers to making contacts and keeping them officially began on this day when I shared my idea with my closest network – friends! Look out for the Meetups I’ll be arranging from Sept on the Events page.

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