Let’s do Lunch Travel | When Not in Rome: The Verona Arena, Italy


When in Rome Verona, make a visit to view the Arena di Verona – an ancient Roman amphitheatre built in the first century which through time has become the very symbol of the city. It’s grandiose structure acts as a backdrop for Piazza Brà, surrounded by contemporary Italian restaurants and cafes.  Continue reading


Let’s do Lunch Travel | Finding Juliet: To Explore or Not to Explore? A Stop Over in Verona Italy

When I booked my trip to Palermo, the bustling capital of the Italian island Sicily, I opted for the cheapest deal which just happened to included 7-hour stop over in Verona. Would this be a value for money trip visiting two parts of a country on one flight ticket, or would I be cutting it too fine with less than a day to explore Verona; the setting of one of the world’s most famous love stories?…


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