Engagement Skills: 8 Characteristics of a Driver Personality (I can actually relate to!)

To be an efficient networker (you know, making those contacts to build meaningful connections – the general philosophy behind Let’s do Lunch Network), it helps to be aware of the various personality types, which could help avoid those awkward personality clashes. A bit of research is all it takes to understand how different personality types work and communicate in very different ways… I wasn’t aware of my own, until I attended a workshop at Barclay’s Global Headquarters yesterday. Continue reading

Get Social: 5 Reasons to Network

You might live in a cosmopolitan¬†city, however finding time to network can be an issue for even the most sociable urban girl. Don’t get caught up in a routine which excludes networking… Who you meet on the way up – could be who you need on the way down. Get networking!¬† Continue reading