Let’s do Lunch | Kinho & Kinha catch-up Dinner at Pho, Soho


Let's do Lunch Pho: Kinho and Kai

Every year my best friend Kinho from Brazil flies to London for a work conference, then takes the opportunity to stay an extra few days with me in Soho. When it comes to recommending  places to eat, I have to admit I’m not the most experimental (something I’m on a mission to change), I tend to stick to what I know… and Pho was on the list for a healthy (and slurpy) catch up with my bestie bro! Continue reading

Introducing #LetsDoLunchUrbanGuide to friends…

Sometimes your friends are your best contacts!

Last weekend marked a special moment for me when I invited friends around to mine for drinks to tell them my various projects My Soho Times, #Art4ChangeHaiti, TravelMakerKai and of course, Let’s do Lunch: an urban girl’s guide to making contacts – and keeping them! Continue reading