“Let’s do Lunch” SUARTS Freshers Fair 2015 video!

Well, that was interesting… and tiring, but never-the-less; FUN!

Six weeks ago when I decided to set up Let’s do Lunch: an Urban Girl’s Guide To Making Contacts – and Keeping Them, I hadn’t thought about exactly how I could extend it from just being a blog – into a brand or a business! It occurred to me that if I’m trying to find the answers to questions about making contacts, I’d have to put in the practice by organising my own events! Continue reading


September is the New Year in the academic world so we’re getting involved in the celebrations right through to October, teaming up with SUARTS and LCC Officer to offer some “taster” events and socials we think you’ll love. And best of all – you don’t have to be a fresher to enjoy! Continue reading