Urban Guide Ambassador

When you become a member of Let’s do Lunch you’ll be part of the Urban Guide network with access to social events and networking PLUS the opportunity to be become a Urban Guide Ambassador with a FREE Gold membership upgrade.

The role of an ambassador is to have creative input into the Urban Guide brand – and we’ll even support you to organise your own events! From social media to word of mouth, whatever your strengths are you’ll be an asset in helping us promote Urban Guide in your networks, and together gain more contacts! No set hours, no titles, just be committed to help out whenever and where ever you can!

What’s included:

  • FREE upgrade to Gold Membership for a whole year
  • Training
  • Support
  • Exclusive LDL Ambassadors socials
  • Guest blogging
  • Interview skills
  • FREE LDL Ambassador pack

What we expect from Urban Guide Ambassadors:

  • Your creative input
  • Help with promotion; social media, word of mouth, flyering
  • Attend minimum 3 events per year
  • Be supportive
  • Tell us how to improve

Any age, any race, any gender – we want YOU!

If you’re interested in being a Urban Guide Ambassador get in touch!


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