Table for Two: West African fusion at Ikoyi, London

African cuisine lends itself well to the saying; ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it‘! So it takes either a crazy person with nothing to lose, or well, a visionary, to attempt to bring fusion to a cuisine steeped identity – and succeed. Ikoyi is West African cuisine reimagined…  Continue reading

Let’s do Pixxa: promotion for Freshers!

September marks the start of a “new year” for anyone lucky enough to still be a student! So with Freshers week about to start, it occurred to me to arrange a meeting with Pixxa manager Simone and in-house designer Marco at their brand new restaurant located in Adlgate East, to find out what “exclusive” offers they can offer Let’s do Lunch freshers… And it seems I “bagged” myself some bargains which you can enjoy at Pixxa restaurants in London! Continue reading