Food for Thought: Vapiano supports Diversity Matters Workshop

No holding back: I make the first move for freshly baked pizza!

A few months ago I organised a workshop wearing one of my other hats, Diversity Matters! The event had a ‘skills share’ collaborative approach themed on addressing race equality agendas in the workplace, attended by those passionate about seeing diverse representation. Continue reading

Let’s Meet: Fabio Tedde – The Pianist Without Borders

It’s not very often it happens, but when it does – I stick to my intuition…

When I met Sardinian-born Italian pianist Fabio Tedde earlier this week at a bloggers event in central London, after sharing with what he does for a living and the fact that he’s played over 750 street pianos across the world (including Africa, American and Europe) – I knew there was something special about him! Continue reading