Let’s do Lunch | The Specials List: Vaps Potato Soup is a MUST-TRY!

Vapiano LDL 5

It’s said we eat with our eyes, so it’s no wonder the restaurant with over 200 chains across the world has got it so right; a choice of what goes in – and what stays out of your dish! Vapiano offers a wide range of freshly prepared Italian dishes cooked to order right in front of you – appealing for even the fussiest of eaters! Continue reading


Let’s do Lunch Travel | Finding Juliet: To Explore or Not to Explore? A Stop Over in Verona Italy

When I booked my trip to Palermo, the bustling capital of the Italian island Sicily, I opted for the cheapest deal which just happened to included 7-hour stop over in Verona. Would this be a value for money trip visiting two parts of a country on one flight ticket, or would I be cutting it too fine with less than a day to explore Verona; the setting of one of the world’s most famous love stories?…


Continue reading

Let’s Meet: Fabio Tedde – The Pianist Without Borders

It’s not very often it happens, but when it does – I stick to my intuition…

When I met Sardinian-born Italian pianist Fabio Tedde earlier this week at a bloggers event in central London, after sharing with what he does for a living and the fact that he’s played over 750 street pianos across the world (including Africa, American and Europe) – I knew there was something special about him! Continue reading

Let’s do Pixxa: promotion for Freshers!

September marks the start of a “new year” for anyone lucky enough to still be a student! So with Freshers week about to start, it occurred to me to arrange a meeting with Pixxa manager Simone and in-house designer Marco at their brand new restaurant located in Adlgate East, to find out what “exclusive” offers they can offer Let’s do Lunch freshers… And it seems I “bagged” myself some bargains which you can enjoy at Pixxa restaurants in London! Continue reading