Let’s do Lunch | SNACT POP-Up at Plant Organic, London


Last weekend I popped into Planet Organic and I spotted by the SNACT pop-up stall on my way out. I’m not one to shy away from a complimentary tasting especially when it’s a healthy treat option, so helped myself to a piece of the Apples and Mango Fruit Jerky… The result? Well, sure it tasted yum, but I love that it’s a health snack option to which fits my busy lifestyle, and there’s a social responsibility element to it; snacks made from ugly unwanted fruit plus it’s wrapped in #plasticfree compostable packaging!… I don’t know about you but I’m intrigued to know (and taste) more!


I’m looking forward to reviewing a range of SNACT products for the Let’s do Lunch blog… Stay tuned for more conscious edibles!

Special thanks to Tom who was kind enough to share some info about SNACT’s #DeliciousCampaign. Find out more and follow SNACT on Twitter @SNACTNOW!

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Kai 🙂

So, when are we doing lunch?… or coffee?


About Kai: I’m a Soho-based writer (lifestyle, cultural diversity and travel blogger) and event organiser on a mission to create meaningful connections… Food is usually the main catalyst! Currently taking commissions and sponsored posts CLICK HERE to CONTACT ME

(p.s. I’m “delightfully dyslexic“ – please read past any typos unless they’re really embarrassing then in that case flag it up to me!)

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