#SupportHerHustle | Looking For Ideas? Sunday Brunch at Lima Floral, Convent Garden

#SupportHerHustle is concept championing unity in women’s struggles and triumphs through sharing a diversity of narratives. It’s not so much ‘what do you do?’ but ‘what’s your hustle – your drive?’ which enriches the way we connect, inspire and motivate other women on their personal journey…

Lima Floral set the perfect scene for a much awaited catch up with my friend, Brazilian beauty Luciana aka Lu, founder of Looking for Ideas blog. Whilst the bottlemless bubble was on flow during our Sunday brunch, I took the opportunity to find out more about how she shares insight on trends and styles with a twist – equipping even the most forward-thinking of women (and men, why not right?) with the relevant knowledge to enhance their self-esteem by understanding their own uniqueness. In this case, imitation isn’t the sincerest form of flattery…

Let's do Lunch Network: Lima Floral

What inspired you to set up ‘Look for ideas? And what’s the concept behind it?

I guess what inspired me was my desire to share my knowledge with everyone. In 2014, I took a little sabbatical and spent 7 months studying Image Consultancy, Visagism and Professional Makeup. In those courses, I learned the techniques but I also learned how much your image can impact your self-esteem, and as a result your professional and personal life. I’m a feminist at heart and I believe women should do whatever they can to build each other up. I guess I felt like that could be my contribution at the time. When I created Look for Ideas, all the fashion blogs were about copying the blogger’s looks. I never wanted people to copy my looks. I wanted to teach them the techniques used in styling so they could create looks that work for themselves. We all have different body types, lifestyles, jobs and objectives. All of that needs to be taken into consideration when creating a look. There’s no one size fits all. So, I guess the concept behind it is to educate women (and men, why not?) rather than tell them what to wear. However, I also believe that beauty is a very broad concept and if you want to be inspired to create fantastic looks, you need to expose yourselves to beautiful art, architecture, music, landscapes, books, films, theatre, etc. That’s how you acquire taste and stimulate your creativity!

How are you able to apply those ideas/concepts living in London?

The concepts are quite universal but when applying them, it’s important to factor in lifestyle and weather conditions. Speaking for myself, my style certainly changed a lot when I moved to London. First of all, the weather is quite different. London is certainly colder than my home town in Brazil. The lifestyle is also quite different. People use public transport or they walk everywhere which makes it a bit difficult to wear heels. Since the city is so big, it’s almost impossible to go home after work and get changed for a night out. As a result, your wardrobe needs to be quite versatile, in the sense that you need to be able to go from day to night and still feel appropriately dressed. So, I guess the basic concepts of line, colour and proportion still apply but when choosing what to wear, there’s a lot more that needs to be taken into consideration.

Who’s your style inspiration and why?

My style inspiration was my mother. No doubt. She had impeccable taste in everything, from fashion to interior design. She intuitively knew what worked and what didn’t, without any formal training in it. She was a natural stylist. I learned a lot from her, especially the value of quality, how to accessorise and work with colours. She was elegant, unique, authentic and incredibly stylish. She passed away in 2013 but I can see that her style lives on through me and my sister.

What’s an average weekday or weekend lunch for you?

My weekday lunches are not very exciting. I use my lunch time to work out and after the gym, I just have a quick salad before going back to work. However, on the weekends, I take my time. I love trying different restaurants, exotic cuisines and new chefs. Lucky for me, London is the perfect place to indulge yourself! Top that with some good wine and some prosecco to get started and I’m the happiest girl on earth!

What are some of your tips on making meaningful connections?

Be open to it; be curious about people; learn to listen; get out of the house as often as you can; assume everybody is nice until proven otherwise; engage in groups, courses and other activities related to your hobbies and interests.

If you could have lunch with one famous person (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

Iris Apfel. I love her ideas about style, about creativity and her views on life. She is truly inspiring and for someone who is over 90, quite energetic! She is one of those people who are just larger than life.

Are you more of a ‘Let’s do Lunch’ or ‘Let’s do drinks’ kinda girl?

I think I’m both! I’m definitely a foodie, so doing lunch is something I really enjoy. However, having drinks with your friends on a night out in London can be the perfect ending to your day!

Where can we find out more? 

I’m relaunching the blog in April! It will be 100% in English, however if you are a Portuguese speaker you can check it out at www.bloglookforideas.wordpress.com. I’m also on Facebook www.facebook.com/lookforideas and Instagram @lookforideas

Let's do Lunch with Looking for Ideas founder

Let's do Lunch Network: Lima Floral

Let's do Lunch Network at Lima Floral

📍 Floral Lima 14 Garrick St, Convent Garden WC2E 9BJ

Set 6 course Lunch: £29. Tip: If you like your bubbly, go ‘bottlemless‘ (standard 2hrs dining, you’ll thank me later!) £44 CLICK HERE for the menu

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So, when are we doing lunch?… or coffee?


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