Let’s do Lunch Travel | When Not in Rome: The Verona Arena, Italy


When in Rome Verona, make a visit to view the Arena di Verona – an ancient Roman amphitheatre built in the first century which through time has become the very symbol of the city. It’s grandiose structure acts as a backdrop for Piazza Brà, surrounded by contemporary Italian restaurants and cafes. 

The Verona Arena’s setting in city centre hasn’t always been the case. Just imagine, back when the Romans built it the arena was in fact located on the margins of the urban area, outside the circle of the walls. From gladiator battles to its use today famed internationally for grand-scale musically performances, the arena’s elliptical shape lends itself  acoustically from any stand point in it’s legendary open-air opera house seating 30,000 spectators! Transcending almost twenty centuries of local history, The Verona Arena remains the third of the largest amphitheatres in Italy, one of the best preserved ancient structures of its kind, and amongst the most renowned Veronese monuments.

On my visit to Verona earlier this month, whilst passing by the impressive structure, I came across costumed Roman guards, and took an opportunity to be transported back in history… Even if it was through a few shots on my iPhone, and a 1Euro contribution!


I would say ‘when in Rome do as the Romans do‘, however this is distinctively Verona, proving you don’t need to be in Rome to witness magnificent remnants of the Roman Empire!

Opening hours:
tue-sun: 8.30 a.m.- 7.30 p.m. (the ticket office closes at 6:30 p.m.)
mon: 1.30 p.m.- 7.30 p.m. (the ticket office closes at 6:30 p.m.)

entrance €10,00 / reduced €7,50 / groups (min 15 pers) €7,50 / schools and 8-14 years old €1,00 / 0-7 years old free entrance. Free with VeronaCard

📍Piazza Bra, 1, 37121 Verona VR, Italy

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That was my fabulous time warp for a taste of the Roman Empire whilst in Verona… Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

Kai 🙂

So, when are we doing lunch?… or coffee?


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