Let’s do Lunch Travel | The Local Hotspot: Caffé del Kassaro, Palermo Sicily

If you’re looking for delightfully authentic Sicilian food at affordable prices during your stay in Palermo, Caffé del Kassaro is my recommended go-to place! You’ll find this gem open only during breakfast and lunch-time hours, conveniently tucked away a stones throw from Palermo Cathedral… Don’t let the name or the entrance deceive you, this restaurant offers much more that just coffee and treats!


As you enter past the coffee bar, Kassaro opens into the main restaurant space which is quaintly decorated with hints of exposed brick walls, mosaics and wooden ceilings to give a sense of antiquity. A choice of dining spaces for groups, twos or solo dinners is available downstairs or up the narrow stairs where you can get a view of dinners below. Kassaro might be on the small considering its popularity with locals for lunch, however the space is cosy and beams with a lively atmosphere created by its patrons.

The menu changes daily showcasing typical Sicilian dishes, prepared with local produce. Trust your instincts and pick from the recommended plate(s) of the day!

Caffé del Kassaro Let's do Lunch



Let’s do Lunch with friends

It was my friend Samuel, aka YongRasta, a local Palermitano of Ghanaian heritage who introduced me to Kassaro. We met with his friend Andrea and his friends there, making lunch at Kassaro a diverse affair – not just with the array of dishes we chose!


Diversity Matters: let’s do lunch with friends…


I opted for a warming minestrone soup made with locally sourced vegetables in a light yet tasty both.


Samuel went for the tuna pizza… I couldn’t resist taking a slice!

In Italy it’s typical to end a meal with an espresso, however I opted for a palette cleansing limoncello made with tangy Sicilian lemons!



I was so impressed with the food at Kassaro I came back the next day with YongRasta, this time going for a filling vegetarian pasta dish of ‘Fritella’ and a side helping ‘caponata di melanzane’ – very typical from Sicily and also very delicious!…

The food and vibe at Caffé del Kassaro is part and parcel of my amazing stay in Palermo… I just might have to be back one more time before I leave for the UK!


I met the owner, Mr. Lucio, on both visits – each time greeted with a warming smile and he even threw in my lemoncello on the house – Sicilian hospital doesn’t go amiss here!


Tip: Ask for bread for your soup or caponata di melanzane… Don’t assume it’ll come automatically with your meal.

– the restaurant is super busy during early lunch time hours. Be prepared to wait and don’t forget to put your name on the list for service!

Best for: Lunch, authentic Italian meals, simple choices, cosy (however often busy!) atmosphere, solo diners, twos and groups

📍Via Vittorio Emanuele, 390, 90134 Palermo, Sicily. Opening hours 7.30am – 3.30pm

Those are some of my lunch highlights in Palermo… Got any Italian favourites? Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

Kai 🙂

So, when are we doing lunch?… or coffee?


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