Let’s do Lunch Travel | Creating Meaningful Connections One Flight at A Time

When I set up the Let’s do Lunch Network blog, it was with an intention share my experiences as a young (self-)educated Londoner living in Soho (a unique perspective I still haven’t made the most of sharing), with a drive towards success – by way of self-fulfilment. I figured a short cut would by via the path of making the right contacts. So I set that as my mission – An Urban Girl’s Guide to Making Contacts – And Keeping Them… Even it it means crossing the skies to reach that goal!

One of my top tips for anyone wanting to get ahead by expanding their networks is – travel! Sometimes getting out of your usual routine can be enough to re-spark some vitality, or simply help you re-focus on your goal. Besides travel is a great way to make new contacts, not to mention create meaningful connections outside your usual circles.

Though I’m no stranger to travel writing, haven set up my travel blog Travelmakerkai in 2012 documenting many of my experiences as a solo black British traveller visiting countries such as the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Japan, China, South Korea, Brazil, Ghana, Argentina, and Italy, I decided to put Travelmakerkai on hold in 2018 and focus on Let’s do Lunch Network. And since travel plays an important role for doing lunch and making contacts, it made perfect sense to start a travel segment; Let’s do Lunch Travel.

I hope you enjoy following my journey as much as I enjoy taking them, learning, and creating meaningful connections… one flight – and bite – at a time!

Collaborate with me!

Let’s do Lunch is a lifestyle blog which is aimed at the ‘go-getting’, young (at heart) urban girl on a mission to expand her circles, life experiences and create meaningful connections (food usually helps!). When travelling, I’m always on the look out to meet my tribe; inspirational people (a preference to platform women and femme-identifying) on their hustle game, and share their stories on the Let’s do Lunch blog through mini interviews.

Reviews / Sponsored Reviews

I’m always on the look out to review products, services and social experiences for my Let’s do Lunch Network readers. I’m open to accept sponsored posts if you have a service to promote or campaign to promote as long as it fits in line with the theme of the blog. These will be clearly tagged as sponsored. Views are given subjectively or objective depending on the topic, however always with honesty. Posts will be shared in the Let’s do Lunch Newsletter, Let’s do Lunch Network Facebook group, and across the Let’s do Lunch social media sites, including partner sites.


The the Let’s do Lunch Network community consists of social butterflies – networking and meeting new people is our thing! Got an event you’d like reviewed, or looking to target a group of young diverse women? Dope through an invite for myself and/or my peeps to come through for a complimentary experience – we’ll be social and share our experience socially on social media through pics (lots of selfies!) and videos!

All opinions are my own. Videos and pictures taken on iPhone 7.

Feel free to contact me at letsdolunchnetwork@gmail.com


That reassuring selfie… These and more on my Instagram Stories

I’m on the look out for the next trip… Any suggestions? Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

Kai 🙂

So, when are we doing lunch?… or coffee?

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p.s I’m “delightfully dyslexic“, so pls read past any typos, unless they’re embarrassing then in that case flag it up to me!)


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