Let’s do Lunch | Beast from the East: The Snow Storm causing Disruption in the UK and Concern for those Sleeping Rough


A dark hue over as the storm hits Regents Street, photo ©Kai Lutterodt

I arrived back from a mini break in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic to be met by a snow storm as I arrived into London. The Serbian weather I’d been expecting in the -11 temperatures of my city break, took me face-on with on Tuesday afternoon – nothing short of a ‘welcome back to London’ surprise. I marvelled at the sight of lashings of snow falling in Central London as my bus took a turn onto Regents Street. I exited for home through Soho, braving the cold winds and and freezing temperatures to take some pictures on my DSLR which was conveniently at hand.

A walk home from the bus stop which would usually take 10 minutes, doubled as I strategically took baby steps in an effort to defy the storm and it’s aims to make me slip and land on my behind! I made it home in time for lunch having triamphantly taken a pit stop via Itsu for a warming healthy soup. But snow storm wasn’t over just yet…

Capturing a moment: Carnaby Street, photo © Kai Lutterodt

Forecasters are expecting high winds and snow to continue to hit, which will cause further transport disruption across London and the UK. The Met Office has released England’s first ever red alert for snow and ice, warning of a risk to life, in anticipation as Storm Emma drawing in from the Atlantic to meet the “Beast from the East” from Russia.

Distruption caused on the third day of the snow storm:

Pretty sight: Snow filled gardens in Mayfair

Former US Embassy in Mayfair

I felt quite deflated yesterday when I trekked in the snow to attend an event at the US Embassy, only to realise the Mayfair site now closed and relocated south of the river Thames. I contemplated on what to do next, taking baby steps towards Oxford St, however it wasn’t long before I was left with little choice but to seek shelter. I spotted a Marks and Spenser which thankfully had a cafe on their 3rd floor so I settled down by the winder for a cup of warming tea… My meetings for the day cancelled – I wasn’t going anywhere in a hurry!

Today writing this on the third day of the consitant snow, I think how menial my problems facing the distributive weather are compared to those who are homeless. Thankfully I didn’t see anyone sleeping rough on my commutes in the snow over the past few days, something the Mayor of London is strongly enforcing to ensure no-one is left sleeping on the streets in this weather.

A number of restaurants are also doing their part by giving away free food to anyone sleeping rough. Macdonald’s has (as of yesterday, not sure if it’s on-going) an offer for a free Flat White coffee, or if you’re got any hot drink stamps lying about why not collect them together to claim a hot drink you can give to someone in need – it wouldn’t cost you a thing!

Here are a few other simple ways we can lend a helping hand for those sleeping rough:

  • Be extra vigilant in looking out for homeless people during cold weather
  • Report anyone sleeping rough in freezing conditions to the council or call the number below
  • Donating warm clean clothing
  • Volunteer with a homeless charity
  • Offer a hot drink or food to someone in need

Please also look out for your elderly neighbours during this period.

Has the snow caused any disruptions in your daily routine this week? Have you been able to do a good deed for someone sleeping rough, or someone in deed? Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

Keep safe, and keep warm!

Kai 🙂

So, when are we doing lunch?… or coffee?

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Photos and vids ©Kai Lutterodt


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