Working Lunch: Let’s do Lunch Network meets Global Dinners at Whyte & Brown

When Global Dinners co-founder Ricardo Tannus reached out via LinkedIn to hear more about Let’s Do Lunch Network, it wasn’t long before the conversation went from email, to a meal! I met up with Ricardo at Whyte & Brown in Kingly Court for lunch, and it turns out food isn’t our only common interest. Brazil, Ghana, student-initiative-turned-business, promoting diversity and connecting people through sharing of food are just some of the things which connected us!I took the opportunity to find out a bit more about the platform which uses advanced matching technology to bring people together over dinner…


1. What inspired you to set up Global Dinners? 

Myself and my co-founders were both disappointed in the way networking events are organised and, most importantly, in the way social media is taking over our lives, making us feel more and more connected when in reality we’re growing further and further apart. Our idea is is to use technology to try and promote a more natural and effective means of meeting people, effortlessly expanding your network. We use a proprietary profiling technology to put together parties of four to six people from diverse backgrounds who come together to discuss something that’s in their interest with one minor catch- phones off the table.


2. What’s been your favourite GD meeting so far? And why was it special?

We’ve had dinner discussions ranging all the way from ‘What’s your purpose in life?’ to ‘How to get a job in consulting?’ but, personally, my favourite dinner (even though I did not personally attend it) was putting together six people to discuss ‘Faith’. We gathered people from different religions discussing the role their respective beliefs plaid in their lives. I think that especially at our day and age – in which every single thing becomes a matter of exchanging offensive slurs online, segregating and discriminating – gathering people from different religions and having them have an educated and healthy exchange around the table makes us believe we are doing our bit in order to build a world we want to see- one with more understanding and collaboration.


3. What’s your usual Global Dinners meal?

When people hear about Global Dinners they immediately imagine we’re all foodies in the team, when, in reality, we just use food as a backdrop – or a catalyst – to help more deeper conversations take place. So, perhaps a bit disappointingly, mine are much like other early founders’ lunches- whatever is fast and cheap… we are a start-up after all.


4. Any tips on making meaningful connections? 

I think it all boils down to finding common ground. Every single ‘meaningful connection’ essentially comes down to putting together people who effectively want to exchange. Of course knowing how to listen and having a genuine interest in the other person help but what we’ve found is that putting people that have something in common – on top of the common interests – i.e. building common ground (people who share hobbies, languages or experiences) is the single greatest predictor that a deeper conversation will unfold. This is exactly what we strive to achieve using technology- the sweet spot between things in common and differences, so that people can build from the connection but learn through conversation.


5. If you could have dinner with one famous person (dead or alive), who would it be and why?

I’ve always been a huge fan of Richard Branson above all other entrepreneurs both for what he’s accomplished (in every single sector he’s ever been involved in) but also because of his lifestyle- differently from many other entrepreneurs you see out there he’s someone who still prioritises – and values – his family and friends and an overall balanced and meaningful living – having a positive impact in the world – things we’d definitely discuss.

Find out more about Global Dinners and sign up for the next event at

Working Lunch: I opted for a light lunch of Greek inspired Halloumi Souvleki presented on a surviving board with roasted carrot and coriander hummus, Greek-style salad, feta, tzatziki Served with warm pita. Delicious, and surprisingly filling!

📍Whyte & Brown, Kingly Court, Carnaby St, Soho, London W1B 5PW, UK


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