Let’s do Lunch | Diversity Matters Awareness Week kicks off this April!


April 2018 will mark two years since I launched Diversity Matters during my final year at London College of Communication, part of University of the Arts London! Juggling final year dissertation with project managing a university-wide event ‘Diversity Matters Awareness Week at UAL‘ had it’s doubtful moments, however the outcomes were certainly worth it! I couldn’t have predicted the impact my ‘little idea’ could have on changing mind-sets on how we address race agendas in the workplace and in education. 

It was during my studies at LCC I thought up the Let’s do Lunch blog in 2015 (though put it on hold once Diversity Matters came into the picture the following year!), and also there I found my voice by becoming an active part of my Students’ Union as President of the UAL African Caribbean Society (14/15) (www.ualacs14.wordpress.com) and LCC Officer (15/17) organising a number of events often supported by Chipotle, including a month long ACS Film & Literature Festival!

So you can imagine my excitement to return to my old stomping ground for the first of a series of Diversity Matters Awareness Week / Day (DMAW/D) events across the UK for universities and companies to host, starting with London College of Communication DMAW 23rd – 27th April 2018.


Diversity Matters Awareness Week / Day offers a series of workshops, talks and creative projects organised by Diversity Matters for universities and companies across the UK to host in a collective effort to address equality and inclusion agendas.

Let’s do Lunch Network will be hosting a number of workshops which will address:

  • Unconscious bias
  • Representation and inclusion
  • Race Matters and intersecting forms of diversity; sexual orientation, gender, age, ethnicity, disability
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Allyship
  • Safe Spaces for marginalised groups
  • Mental health and wellbeing

Other DMAW/D events include Diversity Matters Awareness Day at ThoughtWorks (London and Manchester office) in May, plus more to be announced! For ways you or your company can get involved email kai@diversity-matters.org.uk



CLICK HERE to find out more on DMAW18!


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