Let’s do Lunch | Year of the Dog: Chinese New Year Celebrations in London

London is no stranger to displaying its diversity in full vibrancy, especially when it comes to putting on a show! Trafalgar Square is fast becoming a hub for free cultural activities in the heart of the capital, and I wasn’t about to miss a free party in town – the Chinese New Year celebrations!

Wearing my ‘custom-altered’ Chinese dress turn-top!

You’re expected to attempt to look the part for any party, right? So I took the opportunity to pay homage by digging out an old Chinese dress, one of two I’ve owned since I was 12 (those days when I was so obsessed with Chinese culture my dad took me to Beijing as a late Christmas present!) I opted for the gold one which got a remake as a top; I figured, if it’s been unworn as a dress for over a decade, I have nothing to lose – and it paid off!

I met up with Marly and Sali in Trafalgar Square, before heading to Trafalgar Square for the main stage and street food vendors to immerse ourselves in the festivities (and the crowd – an estimated 700,000 people!)… On a plus side, the weather was lovely and mind, not a drop of typical London rain in sight!


Kung Hei Fat Choi –  Happy Chinese New Year!

Each year of the Chinese calendar is associated with one of 12 animals and 2018 is the Year of the Dog, signifying loyalty.

In Chinese culture, red is the colour of happiness and celebration so there was no shortage of bright red lanterns decorating the streets and shops surrounding Soho’s China Town. The atmosphere was festive; the smell of savoury dumplings, firecrackers casting ‘pop’s in all directions, dancers and dragons floating about (despite arriving later in the afternoon and missing the main parade)…. It’s no wonder Chinese New Year in London is considered the biggest Chinese New Year celebration outside of Asia – London certainly don’t do things in halves!

We indulged in some Chinese dumplings from a street vendor, before ending the festivities with drinks in Convent Garden…

That was my Sunday… How was yours?

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That was my weekend… How was yours?

Kai 🙂

So, when are we doing lunch?… or coffee?


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