Let’s do Lunch | A Philosophy Behind The Act of Creating Meaningful Networks

Have you ever exchanged business cards with someone you felt would be a great contact, however weeks, months, even years down the line realised you haven’t established a connection beyond an initial courtesy ‘was nice meeting you’ email – if that (or for us millennials, a Facebook add)?!…


That was is me – on several occasions! And that’s why I created Let’s do Lunch Network to explore areas around establishing meaningful contacts through networking! ‘Let’s do Lunch‘ is both metaphoric and intentional; my philosophy behind the act of creating memorable moments (food usually helps, right?) which could lead to wholesome connections… So it’s not just lunches – it’s the ‘let’s do coffee‘ or ‘free for a drink?‘ – those socialable connections outside social media!

Let’s do Lunch Network: The Philosophy

LDL philosphy.png

Let’s do Lunch Network is based on ideas around this concept:

SELF-CARE (me first, mentally and physically) =>> CONFIDENCE (get out there) =>> CONTEXT (am I in the right place to meet the right people?) =>> SHARE (knowledge, info, a listening ear, food, a coffee) =>> CONNECT (human connections, beyond social media)!

I relaunched this blog in January 2018 as a working progress of research, self-development, mistakes rewiring, connections and eventually – some much needed answers!… Join me on this journey… and let’s do lunch sometime!



It’s time women support women! I’m on a mission to create meaningful connections by sharing the stories of women with a hustle, whether it’s a side one or main – I respect your work ethic! I’d love to use my platform (the blog, and soon to launch vlog!) to inspire other women by sharing your empowering stories of resilience, motivation and perseverance. Find out more about being featured CLICK HERE, and CLICK HERE for to join the FB group.

Let’s do Lunch Network Community

I’ve created an online community for women and femme-identifying (currently London-based, however reach out to set one up in your city or region!) The aim is for us to do lunch dates, coffees, talks, breakfast, brunches, dinners, after work drinks – whatever gets us ladies connecting… And let’s face it, food plays an important role in making those connections meaningful! CLICK HERE to join the group for socials

Let’s do Lunch x Ivolution Productions Video content + Social Media Marketing

I’ve teamed up with Ivo Belohoubek of Ivolution Productions to offer professional video content packages for businesses in the Soho area – and beyond! It’s an effective great way of engaging with your customers, clients and new audiences. If you’re not creating video content for your business, you need to be consider doing so – ASAP! Whether you’re an established business or startup, Let’s do Lunch x Ivolution Productions can help you reach dynamic new audiences with cost-effective video content perfect for your social media marketing! CLICK HERE to read more or CONTACT ME

Let’s do Lunch Workshops

I’m all for giving a platform for discussions to happen which question, and often challenge social agendas; lack of diversity, feminism, gender equality, etc. These topics can be uncomfortable to speak openly about without fear of criticism. Which is why the ‘Let’s do Lunch Workshops’ be safe spaces for open, non-judgemental and honest conversations to happen. Playing on the ‘Let’s do Lunch’ phrase, these will be workshops will be an hour-long perfect for (working) lunch breaks ‘food for thought‘ in schools, organisations or corporate businesses. CLICK HERE to find out more.

The Future Goal: An Urban Girl’s Guide series


An Urban Girl’s Guide zine

My end goal, well there’s never an ‘end’ as such, is to write a book series “An Urban Girls Guide“… to making contacts, to finding love (this should be fun!), to leadership, to surviving university (after 5yrs I know a thing or two!), to thriving in London… The list is endless really! And though I’m still in the process of writing, being a visual person in a sense makes me work backwards – I need to see the physical end result (a mock-up) then I get to work on producing the content (thank you dyslexia for this weird yet wonderful strategy!) rather than the other way around!

In the meantime I’m producing An Urban Girl’s Guide zine (pictured above) which will be released summer 2018. The books will be out sometime next year!


I’ve learnt from my journey so far that it’s not so much what you know as it is who you knowNetworking is KEY! So you’ll often find me socialising with a drink notepad and pen in hand, wearing an approachable smile, open to speak to new potential contacts!

CONTACT ME to collaborate… or share some cake! I’d love to hear from you!

Kai 🙂

So, when are we doing lunch?… or coffee?


p.s I’m “delightfully dyslexic“, so pls read past any typos, unless they’re embarrassing then in that case flag it up to me!)

p.p.s show your support by sharing your thoughts, suggestions, or a simple comment in the box below! Thanks! x

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