Dish away the Dirt: 7 Negative Habits Holding Back Your Positive Vibes

A positive state of mind leads to self-belief and assertiveness – it’s a given. I mean how many successful women do you see walking the walk, and talking the talk without an air of confidence? A positive attitude is something every urban girl on the path to success needs. Like any good trait, it takes practice to obtain.

No one likes to dwell on the negative, however consider these 7 habits to dish away immediately if you’re aiming to regain your confidence and a positive aura to match…

1. Glass half empty mindset

Do you see the glass as half full, or half empty? Focusing on the latter only builds on negative outcomes. Rewire your mindset to envision shortcomings as opportunities for growth; start taking action to create meaningful progress and visualise the bigger picture.

2. Critics don’t define your reality

When you start caring too much about what other people say or think about you, you’re allowing their opinion to define you. Stop trying to meet other people’s expectations by working on your internal self-love. Start with valuing yourself.

3. Engaging in negative talk

Let’s face it, negative talk comes in many guises. Whether it’s directed on yourself, dishing the dirt on others or engaging in gossip – banish it! It doesn’t enhance your positive aura in any which way.

4. Dwelling on the past – Anxiously anticipating the future

Unfortunately there is no time machine that can make us take the clocks back. It’s the past – it’s already happened. Focus your attention to the present moment and start putting steps in place for a better future. Just as there’s no machine to change the past, there isn’t one to foresee the future. Stressing about things you can’t change only drains valuable energy that you could be investing in your personal and professional growth. Create the future you want by being effective and active in the now.

5. Dumbing down your lived experience

No one can tell your story quite like you can, so what’s stopping you from becoming the expert of your experience? Embrace your difference, and any elements of your experiences which makes you stand out from the crowd. Work on internal validation as opposed to external.

6. Focusing on faults and failures rather than affirming gratitude

So you’re not where you want to be – yet. Respect the journey. The path to success isn’t a straight line for the most of us. They’ll be curves, sharp turns, stead hills, round-abouts, no entry signs – the journey to success/happiness/fulfilment isn’t for the swift. Take time to appreciate what they have right now by affirm gratitude upon the universe/higher being, and allow yourself to growing by learning from mistakes.

7. Wasting time could be an opportunity to be productive

Switch off the TV, take a social media break. The time you waste watching a screen, could be an opportunity wasted towards achieving something more productive. Build confidence by invest in things which stimulate your mind towards positive goals, rather than indulging in temporary escapes which can often dull the mind. Develop a sense of passion for your competence. The more effort that you put into refining your skills, the more confident you’ll become, and the better chances of success.

Don’t let anyone steal your vibe… That includes yourself!



Have you got any other suggestions on negative habits to dish away? Share in the comment box below!

(p.s I’m “delightfully dyslexic“, so pls read past any typos, unless they’re embarrassing then in that case flag it up to me!)

Kai 🙂

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