Monthly Wrap-up: Selfless act of putting me first

How quickly has January gone? To think a month ago I was willing 2018 to show itself so I could leave behind my woes of 2017 as if stepping into a new year – new month would automatically lock out all my troubles. Didn’t quite work that way! But 2018 did however offer a fresh perspective for me to start putting me first… 

I’m not yet a pro at this me-comes-first thing, so bare with me as I figure it out. At first it seems a bit selfish; if me comes first then I’ll have to be saying no more often… Isn’t that a bad thing? No.

No, I can’t meet every potential contact

Stretching myself between paid and sometimes unpaid (another thing I have to start being selfish about – taking on ‘free’ work) gigs as a freelancer plays its toll, especially at the start point of a work enquiry. It can be tiring running around London for meetings which sometimes don’t lead anywhere. And I know it might sound contradicting that a girl who writes a blog about ‘making contacts – and keeping them‘ is trying to shy away from actually meeting potential contacts, the essence of what Let’s do Lunch Network is about, but it can be draining trying to put a face to every single email enquiry. For what it’s worth, I really do prefer meeting people face to face (especially if food is involved), but for those days when I literally can’t muster the strength to even leave my front door, the phone is an ally – business as usual and no-one would know I’m still in my PJs snuggled up with a hot water bottle! Phone meetings are a great way of establishing initial contact  so you can know if it’s worth establishing a face to face meeting.

No(!) to winter blues: putting me first, mentally and physically

Speaking of stretching myself, I discovered Hot Yoga a year ago at my local gym, and it didn’t take long for me to ditch the gym apparatus in exchange for movement in a hot room and still get the desired results of hard work – sweat! I’ll admit I’ve somewhat become addicted to reliant on the practice… Who am I kidding, I’m Kai and I’m addicted to Hot Yoga! You know you’re addicted when you schedule you meetings around the Hot Yoga timetable at least 5 days a week (some days aren’t that hot so don’t count as a fix!), and often do two sessions in a row (Mondays and Tues are my power Hot Yoga days) – it’s addiction! But there are worse things to be addicted to so I see it as the ‘good type‘. Over the Christmas holiday when Hot Yoga sessions were off for 2weeks, my mood plummeted to an all-time low, I binged on sweets to fill the void (of not excersing – my mind is so weird!), and I lost motivation to do anything – even missing out on the first two classes of the year (which by the way, brought be right back to reality when I realised eating HummingBird Red Velvet cake wasn’t a match to the highs of my yoga class, so I was back in the studio the following week – just avoiding looking at my buldging stomach from the over-indulging for weeks!)

I’m far from being a yogi just yet, but having a space to balance my mind and body (it’s a great work out too!), is my way of releasing stress and saying ‘I love you’ to my body and mind… Then I go and ruin it all by craving a Twix Xtra(!) once I’m out of the gym (but that’s another blog post!)

Saying ‘no, you deserve this’ more!

Heels (even if I am 5’10), red lips, being recognised/praised for my work, Afrobeats music, connecting with friends, dinner date treats, opening my home to new and old friends, clubbing in Mayfair, visits to see my mum (stroke survivor), heat and sweat (can’t plug Hot Yoga anymore!); these are just some of the things which have got me through a traditionally low and blue month…

Thoughts for February…

Stay motivated, stay focused, more positive affirmations, more socialising with amazing women through the Let’s do Lunch Network group, more date nights (got my eye one particular person, but hey, me first right?), more having faith mum will recover fully, more putting myself out there to network (I’ve been included in The Dots’ 50 best female speakers list! #thankful)… more self-care ‘me first’ approach – because if me isn’t tip-top mentally (and physically) – I can’t give efficiently. It’s a slow process, but as the month of LOVE draws in I’ll keep all these at the forefront of my mind… And that red lipstick handy! You got this!

February LDL

Thanks for reading – now time to share your thoughts in the comment box below!

(p.s I’m “delightfully dyslexic“, so pls read past any typos, unless they’re embarrassing then in that case flag it up to me!)

Kai x

so, when are we doing lunch?


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