Food for Thought: Vapiano supports Diversity Matters Workshop

No holding back: I make the first move for freshly baked pizza!

A few months ago I organised a workshop wearing one of my other hats, Diversity Matters! The event had a ‘skills share’ collaborative approach themed on addressing race equality agendas in the workplace, attended by those passionate about seeing diverse representation.

ThoughtWorks Soho kindly sponsored the venue space and drinks for the evening. That pair with another generous act from neighbours Vapiano two doors down providing boxed of freshly baked pizzas with various toping option, made the perfect ensemble of food and drink for dynamic and engaging workshop… No one went hungry – we quite literally had lots of food to fuel thoughts on equality in the workplace!…


Check out the full blog post of the event on the Diversity Matters website CLICK HERE

Share your thoughts in the comment box!

Kai x



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