Let’s Do Lunch Network

After 2 years since setting up this blog, Let’s do Lunch Urban Guide is now Let’s Do Lunch Network!Expect the same great concept with a niche focus; network, connect, keep in touch, build contacts – repeat!

They say good things come to those who wait, and knowing how inpatient I am (!), the re-motivation to revamp this concept of how us ‘urban girls’ can keep connections, couldn’t have come at a better time!


As women, it’s vital for us to claim spaces where we can connect, support and empower each other! I set up the Let’s do Lunch blog with a mission to discover ways of making contacts and keeping them. Living in a bustling city can have it’s toll on even the strongest of minds, hence the need to build supportive networks… Throw food and drink into the mix and that’s when the magic starts to happen!


I’ve created a Let’s do Lunch Network FB group for women to connect CLICK HERE to join and keep an eye out for Let’s Do Lunch-brunch-dinner dates coming soon!

#SupportHerHustle is another initiative which is all about championing women on a grind! So whether it’s a main hustle or side hustle  – I respect your work ethic! Join the #SupportHerHustle FB group if this sounds like you, and share your platforms! CLICK HERE

LDL Breakfast1

I’m on Insta too!

2018 is my year of making meaningful connections – and that can only be done through building a tight network of friends, colleagues and peers!

Remember, Your Network is Your Net-worth!

Kai 🙂

So, when are we doing lunch?

LDL ident


If you’re interested in being involved in organising Let’s Do Lunch Network meet-ups or events, I’d love to hear from you! Please email me via the CONTACT page!

Let’s get social – Like, Comment, Follow, Share!

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Facebook NetworkGroup: Let’s do Lunch Network (womxn only)
Facebook #SupportHerHustle group: Let’s do Lunch #SupportHerHustle

(p.s I’m “delightfully dyslexic“, so pls read past any typos, unless they’re embarrassing then in that case flag it up to me!)


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