#LinkLove: why DIY SEO is EXACTLY what my startup needs

This afternoon I got feed a wealth of information which hours later, I’m still try to digest.


Injera: low-fat, low sodium, gluten-free.. and tasty!

You know that feeling when you first try a new dish you’re unfamiliar with (like injera from Ethiopia and Eritrea)… It looks good enough to eat, in fact you might even know it’s healthy for you. Yet you’re just not sure if it’ll please your taste buds. So you pick at it with caution, and before you know it – you’ve gobbled up the whole thing! Wasn’t so bad after all, you sort of wonder how you’ve been in existence without it!

Well, that’s kind of what happened when I entered the Princes Trust Head office in Liverpool Street this morning just before 11am, ready to finally face that main course I’d been avoiding for so long (something almost as good as pictured above; injera and wat): a SEO – search Engine Optimisation workshop facilitated by leading website marketing and SEO consultant Danny Richman.

Writing this blog post a few hours after the workshop, and I kid you not, it feels like I’ve eaten a feast of information! There’s that feeling of satisfaction because I got far more than I could have bargained for (I learnt more in 5 hours than in 3 month this site has been up and running) – perfect for a small startup like mine just getting out there into the real world and “blogosphere“. I gained insight on everything my startup needs – from ways of ranking highest on Google search engine, to key search words my potential clients will be using to, well, find me and my service!


Cheesecake heaven: guilt-free cheesecake indulging!

Yet there’s also that overwhelming feeling of knowing you’re so full to the brim – you could burst! That make or break stage when you’ve over-indulged in cheesecake, say; do you dwell in self-pity or do you make a plan to burn it off?… Or attempt to eat the Cheesecake Factory menu like I’ve once attempted to do #guiltfreepleasure


What really counts now is implementing as many of the tips ingredients as I took from the workshop into making “Let’s do Lunch” a relevant and useful site for anyone searching for networking socials in London for young creative women, and of course, other services we offer such and blogging and social media workshops for businesses and individuals.

Considering I’m not the most tech-savvy person (thank you WordPress for making it look so easy!), I was reassured that I DO NOT need to pay an agency to sort of my SEO. It’s easy enough for startups on little money or no money to DIY – Do It Yourself!

And of course, I took away with me the importance of, looks better “hashtagged”: #LinkLove! So I’m sending a massive thanks to Danny Richman <= CLICK and a few other participants of the workshop who’ve set up their businesses under the Princes Trust Enterprise Programme such as; www.kmjcdesigns.com – printed homeware label creating unique works of art, and www.molliemaroon.co.uk – colourful interiors.

And finally…

Let’s do LunchChipotle salad bowl is 3 months old (yay)! We’ll be applying everything learnt from the workshop into building a BETTER and STRONGER website – with your help! Join us on the 25th Nov and 2nd Dec for a “Let’s do Lunch” FOCUS GROUP. Give us feedback on your user experience of the website… And we’ll make sure you’re nicely fed (hope you like burritos, salad bowls or tacos!) CLICK HERE to find out more.

Thanks for all the support – and continue to support this start-up business offering networking socials, blogging workshops and writing forums specifically for urban girls wanting to get ahead – fast! We’re all about collaboration, so reach out… And let’s do lunch, coffee or skype!

Find us and Like us on Facebook CLICK HERE

Kai 🙂



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