Let’s Get Focused: Feedback socials on 25th Nov and 2nd Dec – JOIN US!

Let’s do Lunch – The Urban Guide Network has been going for 3 months… And now we feel it’s time to sit back and evaluate! So we’d love you to join us for a FOCUS GROUP social to help us answer a few questions about your user experience with the website (blog) and Facebook page. We’ll need a minimum of 1hr of your time.

In return we’ll make sure you’re fed by offering you a FREE Chipotle meal voucher at our social!

Before booking please take these simple steps:

1. Check out Let’s do Lunch – The Urban Guide Network Facebook page and “LIKE” us if you haven’t already.

2. Check out the blog www.LetsdolunchUrbanguide.com 

3. Leave a comment on any of the post, pages or videos you most related to…

And that’s it – simple! Spaces are limited for each date (weds 25th Nov and Weds 2nd Dec) so book TODAY via EVENTBRITE to secure your place! CLICK HERE

See you at the next Let’s do Lunch FOCUS GROUP social.

Kai x

Founder of “Let’s do Lunch  – The Urban Guide Network

This event is open to student, recent graduates and industry professionals. What to collaborate with Let’s do Lunch? CLICK HERE to contact us!

Supported by www.chipotle.co.uk

Can’t make it to our FOUCS GROUP SOCIALS but would love to contribute with feedback? Our questionnaire will be available online shortly. Once you complete the questionnaire online we’ll be offering 5 lucky winners FREE Chipotle meal vouchers – so you don’t have to miss out! Keep an eye out our blog http://www.LetsdolunchUrbanguide.com/blog for more info!


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