Let’s See: A Taster of Nástio Mosquito – The Age I Don’t Remember…

It was my first time experiencing the full thrust of Angolan-born multi-media and performance artist Nástio Mosquito. Despite what I might have read online, or the ICA’s “18 and over” warning, nothing quite prepared me for such an unconventional fusion of artistic disciplines – in one performance!…  And I’ll admit, I left satisfied, if not wanting more!

I met filmmaker, producer and curator Dionne Walker who shared her thoughts of the event.

(Please note this video contains flashing lights, strong language and sexual references)

Full review will be up on www.Artefactmagazine.com

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3 thoughts on “Let’s See: A Taster of Nástio Mosquito – The Age I Don’t Remember…

  1. Cássio Serafim says:

    I attended to his performance in Lisbon last year. I assume that I liked much more the videos and CD I got. The performance happened in a tight room of an expensive and high class nightclub. I felt claustrophobic on that moment and not belonging to that place. Despite my claustrophobia, overal, I must say he is doing good job. I will watch the video you prepared for us. I have enjoyed the interviews on your YouTube channel. Congrats, Kai. Beijo.


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