Black Blossoms: Celebrating Black Women… And Making Contacts!

Kai, Black BlossomsWhen I set up “Let’s do Lunch: An Urban Girl’s Guide to Making Contacts and Keeping Them” (approaching its three-month anniversary ironically on the day of Black Blossoms Conference), I couldn’t have imagined the vast opportunities it would bring in such a short space of time.

Three months is symbolic in many aspects of life; 3 month business plan, 3 month work trial, 3 months pregnant, 3 month weight loss plan… Within that time frame, anything could go wrong. Yet when it passes that phase, you know you’re most likely to keep going strong.

So it seems “Let’s do Lunch” is finding its feet (and starting to run) when I was asked to give a workshop on “Making Contacts and Keeping Them” at Black Blossoms Conference this Saturday 14th November!

Expect a day of empowerment with a variety of talks and workshops being delivered by a wide range of women in the creative industry… And of course, some words or two from an Urban Girl on a quest to make the right contacts – and keep them! Find out more about the speakers on the day CLICK HERE

Workshops and Talks

The workshops and talks at Black Blossoms Conference 2015 have been designed to be fun, informal and collaborative. Once you register, you’ll have an opportunity to choose which workshop you’d like to attend. Here’s a summary of what to expect…

 Visualise Your Future with a Digital Vision Board

Gabrielle will be helping women envision their futures by creating a digital vision board. Creating a vision board is probably one of the most valuable visualization tools available to you. This powerful workshop, will help you imagine the limitless positive possibilities for your future – a tangible representation of where you are going. Your board will represents your dreams, your goals, and your ideal life.

Making Contacts and Keeping Them

Kai will be welcoming you to an urban girl’s guide towards making and keeping the right contacts, because who we meet on the way up, could be who we need on the way down.

Taking Up Space: How to be visible in a world of invisibility

Join Siana, of No Fly on the WALL to discuss how to reclaim space that is so often denied to black women and WoC, how to find your voice and use it with confidence, and explore concrete action that can be taken from using social media and blogging, to utilising creative energy to creating your own networks and organisations and collaborating with and supporting other women. You will leave with much food for thought and the tools you need to stop being a fly on the wall, and become a woman of action.Fempowerment and Confidence Building

A PhD in Finance

You will be getting a PhD (proper, honest, direction) in your finances. Dayna’s core belief is that lack of financial literacy, planning and wealth creation, are key barriers to the empowerment of the Black Women. You will be getting direction in creating a financial goal setting and planning. She will also be able to advise you on regulated mortgages (including right to buy), buildings and contents insurance, life assurance, PPI claims, Wills and Trusts and other related products.Love, Sex and You.

Black Women Rising

This talk will be led by Malia and will focus on Black Women who have made a fundamental mark or change in society through political and radical activism. You will be left feeling empowered and ready to rise.

Fempowerment and Confidence Building

Fempowerment is a movement, teaching you about how to create your very own female power circle. Charmaine and Lina will not be holding back when discussing with you with about the power of loving and applauding your sister for their achievements and success. Through the confidence building activities you will learn how to increase your strength, courage and fortitude

Create your own Zine

Ever wanted to create your own magazine? Join Kieran the founder and editor of British Values who will take your through the steps of creating a zine. This Workshop is designed to have you thinking of what you want to communicate and how. You will also be making your very own zine that you can take away and cherish

The Love That You Deserve

Oloni, an experienced relationship coach will be keeping it real about sex and relationships. She will teach you how to maximise the full potential of your love life with her seminar ‘The Love That You Deserve’ yet also touch on sexuality.

The Effect of Eurocentric beauty standards on Black Celebrities

An exploration of the visible effects of Eurocentric standards of beauty on black female celebrities, and their impact on the representation of Black women in mainstream media. Naomi, will be delivering this talk and help you understand how the media’s representation on beauty, has an effect on all Black Women in society.

For more info on Black Blossoms Conference 2015 CLICK HERE!

Venue: London College of Fashion
University of the Arts London
272 High Holborn

Time: 12pm – 6pm

Special thanks to BEE TAJUDEEN for the continuous support, and organising this much-needed event celebrating Black Women… and that Black Girl Magic!

Kai x

“Let’s do Lunch: An Urban Girl’s Guide to Making Contacts and Keeping Them” is my playground for trial and error. My base before eventually writing the book in a year or so to come. If you’d like to know more, please feel free to reach out to me on Saturday (or via email… and Let’s do lunch soon!


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