Modest and Stylish: Sistars repin’ the veil!

Veil sistars

Sara Shamsavari’s internationally acclaimed LONDON VEIL/PARIS VEIL/NYC VEIL exhibition, not only showcases striking individual personality, style and beauty of Muslim women wearing the hijab, but we were also treated to having a few of the women from Sara’s portraits join us at the preview exhibition on Monday 2nd Nov at Library, Convent Garden!

I took the opportunity to ask the women repin’ various hijab styles, about their fashion and style and influence…

Samah – Makeup artist

Veil sistars“My style is a reflection of my mood. I wear what I want… There’s no limit. If I want to wear leather trousers or if I want to wear a tuxedo – I will!” Samah @samahsay

Fatumina – Henna Artist

Veil sista

“My style?… Funky Vintage!” – Fatumina @Ihennabyfatumina

Amina – Henna Artist

Veil sistar

“My style varies. This (headwrap) was really easy to do. I simply tied a knot at the front, twisted the material to one side, and secured it at the back.” – Amina @minashenna

Ahlam – Modeststars

Modest sistars
“Modestsistars started out as a burning passion to showcase the strong relationship that two sisters wanted to nurture through finding common interests. By this we wanted to create a bond between ourselves and the people. It has been a journey filled with style, faith, makeup and lots of fun.” – Ahlam @modestsistars

Check out more pictures from LONDON VEIL/PARIS VEIL/NYC VEIL on Let’s do Lunch – Urban Guide Network Facebook page, and look out for the video uploading next!

Sara Shamsavari’s LONDON VEIL/PARIS VEIL/NYC VEIL is showing at Library until the 14th November. Find out more about Sara Shamsavari at

Sara Shamsavari veil series

112 St Martin’s Ln,
London WC2N 4BD
020 3302 7912

Share your thought, style tips and recommendations in the comment box below!

-Kai x



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