What’s Up interview on Muslim Fashion at Sara Shamshamsvari’s Veil series preview

My week began on a high note.

Less than a 7 days after hosting “An Artist Talk” with Sara Shamsavari at London College of Communication, I was back in the presence of the British-Iranian visual artist and photographer on Monday for the exhibition preview of London Veil/Paris Veil/NYC Veil at Library in Convent Garden. The series highlights and celebrates Muslim women who wear the hijab in vibrant and unique styles in various major capitals of the world. Who else could have pulled off such an event if not Sara Shamsavari herself bringing together a diverse crowd of people (many of the veiled ladies photographed in attendance) into the unique and quint settings of the Library boutique hotel and club. A statement that art can be, and should be accessible to all.

Sky TV’s Whats Up show were at the event, and I was interviewed briefly for a segment of their show on “Muslim Fashion”…

Wrap star

Wrap siStar: Soho Wrap Queen selfie

Now, as an African woman, the headwrap is part of my culture and I’ve learned to embraced it (particularly on those bad hair days!) I don’t wear it for religious reasons, though I fully acknowledge the historic and cultural element of wrapping my head, especially as my ancestors were Muslim and it was their faith which brought them from Brazil back to Africa (1836) – they rebelled against the oppression of slavery and conforming to society (‪#‎TabomReturnees‬).
Every women will have different reasons for wrapping/covering their head. I think fundamentally it’s about what empowers you… For me, my history empowers me.

Look out for the pics and vid from London Veil/Paris Veil/NYC Veil on the Let’s do Lunch Facebook page and blog uploading soon! What’s Up episode of the exhibition will be aired on Sky TV in January.

Special thanks to Yuliya Galycheva for capturing these images of the interview x

How does the Hijab/Veil/headwrap empower you?…Share you thoughts in the comment box below!

Kai x



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