Breakfast at the Library: Franz De Paula Talk on Mentalmorfosis and Transformation (full video)

When breakfast is literally “food for thought“…

Franz De Paula captivated an intimate audience in a visual presentation sharing the essence of his hand-illustrated book Mentalmorfosis which comes to life in aid to challenge the perception of our reality to ultimately create the best versions of ourselves possible. This talk on Transformation,including a complimentary breakfast, was held at the Library on St Martins Lane on Wednesday.

The most digestible element of the talk I took away with me (in a doggy bag to continue eating processing in bite-size chunks later), was that the present is what’s important. Where I am at this very moment is where I’m meant to be, and it’s up to me to make the most of it… Though I found myself back to old ways in no time as I left zen environment of Library to face my reality on the buzzing streets of London as I rushed to the next appointment – also where I needed to be!… Typical urban girl having to juggle so many things at once – but we make it work, right?

You can read or download a free copy here:

Here are some *pictures I captured from the event:

*Photos are copyright of Kai Lutterodt – Let’s do Lunch. Please credit and include link to page if used.

SAVE THE DATE! Monday 9th November Let’s do Lunch will be hosting Franz de Paula for an Artist Talk on Metalmorfosis at University of the Arts London 6pm – 8pm to book or enquire email Stay posted for more info coming soon!

Martin’s, 112 St Martin’s Lane,
London WC2N 4BD
020 3302 7912

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