Coffee for Two: Tom Smith talks logos, branding and collaborating on Let’s do Lunch projects!

I first met Tom earlier this year during SUARTS campaigns and elections at London College of Communication, which we both ran for. So on the first day of term when a fire alarm disrupted classes and the whole building had to be evacuated, I spotted a familiar face amongst the chaos of hundreds if not thousands of students and staff being led away from the building situated in the heart of Elephant and Castle’s current gentrification!

It didn’t take long before we got talking about “Let’s do Lunch” and putting the theory into practice by meeting up for a coffee in Soho over the weekend for further talks on where our collaborations can take us… Watch this space!

“Challenge Commitment Consistency – The three Cs of social influence!” Adds Tom. Follow Tom on Twitter: @ItsTomDesign and Instagram @ItsTomDesign

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-Kai 🙂



3 thoughts on “Coffee for Two: Tom Smith talks logos, branding and collaborating on Let’s do Lunch projects!

  1. Shannon Paige says:

    I loved this! That is great that you have someone to do your logo for you- and it’s beautiful! A few months ago I wanted to go back to school and become a graphic designer/ possibly animator, so I took a computer graphics class- and am actually about to attempt to make my own logo tonight, because that was one thing we worked on it class. I have a few ideas but I only took one class and it’s been months! Wish me luck 🙂 haha Since i got my blog I’m re-considering going back to school for like marketing or something because I really enjoy it but we’ll see where life goes, right?! Haha, well your blog is beautiful and these tips were super helpful! Thank you!


    • @makingkai says:

      Hi Shannon! Thanks for your comment. Really glad you found this post useful. I love how something spontaneous can work out well sometimes 🙂
      Another tip for your logo branding is to make a few options and share them on your blog for your readers to choose theor favourite! That way you’re also interacting with them.
      Thanks again for reaching out on FB. And yes – wish you all the best on this amazing blogging journey you’re taking. Don’t be a stranger 🙂


      • Shannon Paige says:

        Thank you very much- i definitely won’t! And that’s a great tip- if I have a few options I will do that! I just liked your fb page to get updates and will subscribe as well 🙂


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