Sunday Roast: Roberta on LSD – Love Sex Dating!

For all you’d want to know about LSD – love sex dating, from the perspective of a single girl in London! Roberta has since started her brand new blog, writing what every urban girl thinks, experiences and wants to shout out – but isn’t brave enough to share (online)! It’s still getting a makeover but you can check out her blog

Here are some pics from our Sunday Roast dinner at The Kenton Pub in Hackney:

For more info on blogging workshops and 1-2-1 sessions available (also online) get in touch! Roberta got her’s up within 2 hrs, so with a little moral support it is possible to start being a blogger in no time! Contact me via email with “Blogging for Beginners” in the title.

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As always, I’ve love to hear your thoughts… Share them in the comment box below!

-Kai x


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