A tasty Let’s do Lunch Freshers Chipotle Social on 30th Sept!

Well that was tasty! Special thanks to the friendly team Chipotle Mexican Grill for hooking us up with complimentary meals to share with London College of Communication Freshers on Weds 30th Sept!  For some of you it was your first time trying the famed burrito, tacos or salad bowl offered, and the feedback you gave us meant you’ll probably be heading there very soon for lunch with the new friends your make from college!

Look out for our next social in November! If you missed this social, be sure to sign up for the next one CLICK HERE!

They say you are what you eat, then I’m a spicy salad bowl with cooling sour creme and a healthy serving of delicious guac! What are you?… Burrito, tacos or salad bowl?!

Become a Let’s do Lunch – The Urban Guide Network MEMBER and enjoy your complimentary meal with us at the next Chipotle Social. CLICK HERE for membership!

See you soon!

Kai 🙂



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