“Let’s do Lunch” SUARTS Freshers Fair 2015 video!

Well, that was interesting… and tiring, but never-the-less; FUN!

Six weeks ago when I decided to set up Let’s do Lunch: an Urban Girl’s Guide To Making Contacts – and Keeping Them, I hadn’t thought about exactly how I could extend it from just being a blog – into a brand or a business! It occurred to me that if I’m trying to find the answers to questions about making contacts, I’d have to put in the practice by organising my own events!

However, little did I imagine I’d be sharing my ideas of building a platform for students, recent graduates and young professionals to network and collaborate, with 4,000 students in one day so soon after creating it!

In collaboration with my role as LCC Officer, on Wednesday 30th Sept, I had the opportunity to talk to students about to embark on a new chapter of their lives by attending University of the Arts London, about how networking and showcasing their creative talents from an early stage will be beneficial for them. With events, socials, projects and workshops with a focus on networking being organised, it’s no surprise most students showed keen interest to be involved with “Let’s do Lunch – The Urban Guide Network“!

“Let’s do Lunch” also promoted at Freshers’ Fair; TRiBE which offers mentoring, workshops and internship/work experience to young black girls CLICK HERE for the promo vid I made, Amacoast CinemaLove & Basketball” exclusive 15 year screening CLICK HERE for tickets (use LDLFreshers10 for 10% discount!), and My Soho Times looking for bloggers to write about their experience in the iconic district of London CLICK HERE for Facebook page.

Check out the “Let’s do Lunch” video from SUARTS Freshers Fair on also Facebook.com/LetsdolunchUrbanguide and share!… In the meantime, here are some pictures that capture a memorable day, and the beginning of Let’s do Lunch becoming a threedimensional project: BLOG, EVENTS and THE BOOK SEIRES!

Thank you Darren and Philip, 3-D design students from Chelsea for lending a hand at Freshers Fair… And potential have scared every girl by asking “Let’s do Lunch”?! They’re nice one guys!

For any enquiries regarding Let’s do Lunch – The Urban Guide Network, events, collaborations, promotions, please feel free to email me k.lutterodt1@arts.ac.uk

Did you join us on the eve of Freshers’ Fair for our Chipotle Social?… Pics on blog up next! Leave your comments in the box below! x

– Kai 🙂



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