100 Facebook Likes on Facebook – Thanks!

Let’s do Lunch – The Urban Guide Network has reached a milestone of 100 Likes without succumbing to the temptation of Facebook’s bribe to advertise on my behalf if I pay up! It might have been quicker route to take yes, however there’s a lot of pleasure in knowing each one of those “likes” gained was done self-willingly (minus a few friends I probably pestered to click like if they value our friendship… What are friends for if not to like your pages ay?!)

As I write this post we’re at 107 thumbs up of approval, so here’s to another 803 more… And let’s see how far I get without giving into the temptation of Facebook’s bribe for likes!

If you haven’t already… Ah you know what to do! CLICK HERE!

Facebook LDL poster1

Funny to think just over a month ago Let’s do Lunch was still just an idea still brewing in my head… Thanks for the support!

-Kai 🙂



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