Let’s do Pixxa: promotion for Freshers!

September marks the start of a “new year” for anyone lucky enough to still be a student! So with Freshers week about to start, it occurred to me to arrange a meeting with Pixxa manager Simone and in-house designer Marco at their brand new restaurant located in Adlgate East, to find out what “exclusive” offers they can offer Let’s do Lunch freshers… And it seems I “bagged” myself some bargains which you can enjoy at Pixxa restaurants in London!

Join us for our first social on the 1st October at Pixxa in Farringdon for 2-4-1 “al taglio” (by the slice) pizza. Socialise, make new friends and take home with you vouchers to use at Pixxa Aldgate East for your next visit! CLICK HERE

Keep an eye out for more Freshers events like drinks at Forge bar in Bank! We’re not all lucky enough to still be students – but you don’t need to be one to join Let’s do Lunch socials! Just RSVP via Facebook or contact us to join!

Pixxa (Farringdon)
8 St John St, London EC1M 4AY
020 7251 6150

Share you thoughts in the comment box below… See you on the 1st Oct at Pixxa Farringdon!




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