City Chic: Nina Willdorf writes back!

I’m super excited… And it’s over receiving an email (wait there’s more)!

Before heading off to NYC during the summer, remember I made a list of the people I’d want to connect with (click here if you don’t)? And included on that list was Nina Willdorf… No, not a long-lost friend from college, not even someone I’ve met before (though in some ways I feel I City Chicknow her). Nina Willdorf is the author of “City Chic: The Modern Girl’s Guide To Living Large on Less, a book my sister gave to me as a present years ago and its been a reference guide since! I reached out to Nina in an email last month, admittedly, without much expectations I would get a response, let alone the interview I asked for (come on, it’s New York – city of opportunity!)

To the credit of my inner-self, whose brilliant idea it was in the first place (she can be amazing with her “what have you got to lose?” attitude), I did get a reply! And what a confidence boost her short but sweet acknowledging note has given me. Signing off;

city chicBest of luck with your blogs. Amazing work!

Get your copy of the revised “City Chic” for everything you need to know on living large for less (handy if you’re experiencing London’s ever growing inflation costs – ouch)! Sold on AMAZON.

Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

-Kai 🙂



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