DIY: Self promotion with VistaPrint

As much as I love relying on social media to get my brand out there, sometimes it just isn’t enough… Just as relying on my graphic designer to design Lets do Lunch – The Urban Guide promotional material in less than a week – isn’t enough (make that close to impossible)!

LDL business cardSo I spent Saturday afternoon and evening on my laptop gearing up for some self-promoting, as an urban girl does to get a head, right? However it wasn’t with social media as you might expect. I opted for the good ol’ faithful way which involves speaking to people face-to-face. And after many hours (make that 12) and many, many edits later, I accomplished what my designer would have taken on average two weeks to do; my  flyers and new business cards designed using an online PhotoEditor app (seriously, where there’s a will there’s a way)! What’s more, they’ll be printed and delivered in time for my first event this academic year – SUARTS FRESHERS’ FAIR thanks to VistaPrint. Phew!

LDL Business card2 From the photography (all pictures are my own – my kitchen makes quite a charming make-shift studio) to the design layout – I managed to combine all elements. Considering design isn’t my speciality, goes to show sometimes you just have to DIY – Do It Yourself! I’m crediting my creativity (and inability to wait a week to see my ideas come to life) to being dyslexic – it has some benefits after all!

And so thanks to discounts available on VistaPrint, I got a good deal on business cards and flyers! YOU can also save today and get £15 off on orders over £40 at VistaPrint with my link CLICK HERE.

Get get 40% off flyers, postcards and more. Plus 15% off other marketing using promo code MAKETING40 at checkout. Offer subject to promotion availability

Don’t procrastinate! Promote your brand outside social media – get out there with your brand new flyers and business cards!

LDL flyer

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