Let’s do Lunch – The Urban Guide Goes To Haiti!

I’m currently in Port-au-Prince, Haiti to volunteer for 3 weeks with #Art4ChangeHaiti project to offer art & crafts workshops to children living in camps… And of course – I’ll be using this opportunity to rekindle some existing contacts I made 2 years ago when I volunteered with the same organisation, as well as make some new ones if the opportunity arises (wait – there’s ALWAYS an opportunity to make new contacts!)

2 years ago when I was connected with the Sai Baba Centre co-ordinator and CEPSEDH organisation founder, Shanty Paudel, little did I know what impact he’d have on my outlook on life. And to find out he’s also a proclaimed journalist having worked with Kofi Annan and the UN, immediately sent signals to my brain – contact! And I’ve since taken Shanty as not only a friend but a mentor, following his guidance and encouragement to be the best I can be at whatever I do… And “be hippie Kai li“, as he often reminds me. You can find out more about my trip to Haiti in 2013 HERE.

Who knows what unexpected (or even expected) surprises/contacts/connections this trip will bring me. So I’ll put it out there anyway; if you happen to be in world’s first black republic…



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