Zeret Kitchen: Ethiopian Cuisine perfect for sharing

When I found myself south of the river Thames having attended The Africa Live Festival in Burgess Park with 2 friends visiting from Italy, I knew I’d have to continue the celebration of “all things African” when the event drew to a close… And Zetret Kitchen just a stone throws away, was the perfect spot to dine at for dinner.

Travel enthusiasts, Ale and Nicolò had never tried Ethiopian food and were open to sharing a meal consisting of a variety of meat and vegetarian sauces options (wat) served on a bed of Injara (and rolled portions on the side); a pancake-like bread used to scoop up all the wonderful sauces. And the fun part of this dining experience is using your hands to eat as is done in Ethiopia, though we didn’t go as far as feeding each other – a culinary experience I had during my visit to Ethiopia in 2012 that expresses trust and friendship between those sharing the food.

We ordered the ZERET SURPRISE (meat and vegetarian): A combination of kitfo, lega tibs, yebeg fitfit, spiced chicken-tibs, atkilt, shuro and salad (£10 pp (min 2 people).

Zeret Kitchen is a warm family-run business which offers a unique alternative amongst the saturation of Caribbean and West African restaurants in South London. A relaxed yet social environment, perfect for newbies and regulars. This is cuisine perfect for sharing.

TIP: If you’re a coffee lover, you’ll want to experience the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony (£10.00).

Zeret Kitchen

216-218 Camberwell Rd, London
+44 20 7701 8587

Look out for our Let’s do Lunch Socials at Zeret coming soon!



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