Dogs on Wheels: The Harley Which Doubles Up As A Hot Dog Pop-Up Stand

Leon Borja is 31 years old Brazilian chef and brains behind the concept of a brand which puts his two loves together: Barbecuing + Harley bikes!

I came across Harley Dogs a couple of weeks about by chance after a visit to Spitalfields market in Shoreditch with friends. My curiosity got the better of me when I spotted a tray of 12′ dogs smothered with the full works, luring passers-by. Without hesitation I made my way over. Who says size doesn’t matter?

Now, hot dogs don’t necessary excite me (not even jumbo ones!), however I love food with a story to it. And Leon’s story is one of BBQ’s, Harley bikes and connecting local people. I shared with my friends Angela and Victoria a 12′ pedigree hot dog topped with home-made caramelised onion, ketchup, mayo, yellow mustard, chopped gherkin and fried shallots. We finished the task at hand with dirty fingers and ketchup on the corner of our mouths, but at least very satisfied! And considering you can pay what you want (suggested £3), that’s quite a good deal!

Anything more than the suggestion donation goes towards funds to fuel a bigger project!

Harley Dogs is not just a pop-up BBQ stand, but the driving force of a very ambitious dream to open a restaurant; “B.A.R.N” Barbecued Rock Nights. The Brazilian chef and biker needs to sell 100,000 dogs to make this happen… Which number will you be?

Find Harley Dogs parked up at:

Portobello Road Market everyday (and some Saturdays)
Opposite 272 Portobello Road,
London W11 1LU,

And check out



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